Elizabeth Rubin, LCSW_


How Can Couples Therapy Be Useful?

It offers the following:

  • An opportunity for individual growth

  • An opportunity to end destructive or unproductive ways of relating

  • An opportunity to invigorate your sexual relationship

  • An opportunity to learn to be responsible for your reactions

  • An opportunity to have a relationship that has real depth and real meaning

Marriage Repair is not solely about marriage, but any committed relationship:

  • Whether you've been together one year or forty years

  • Whether you're planning to get married for the first time or have been in several relationships over time

  • Whether you're gay or straight

  • Whether you're saying to yourself there's nothing I can be told about this relationship that I don't already know

I will work with you to help move your relationship forward. You decide the direction it will take. Imagine developing solid skills that will allow you to:

  • Effectively relate to your partner

  • Handle conflict productively

  • Negotiate differences in sexual desire

  • Create sexual health in your relationship

  • Examine what it means to be really committed

  • Learn to speak up even when you are afraid of the repercussions

Relationships are fluid and complex. Conflict does not mean you are incompatible, BUT it is a signal that should be paid attention to—problems do not magically go away. Conflict in a relationship can feel like a crisis, but it can also be an opportunity for growth!