Elizabeth Rubin, LCSW_


Client Comments (continued)

I honestly thought therapy was a useless waste of money. Because I didn’t want to lose my partner, I reluctantly agree to give it a try. Elizabeth helped me see I couldn’t tolerate being vulnerable and so I pulled away. She helped my wife see how her fears of my leaving made her afraid all the time and prohibited her from being a good partner. Elizabeth helped us change our dance. It was honestly the best money I have ever spent! (W&B)

As a gay man I was surprised how sensitive Ms. Rubin was to our issues. She had come highly recommended from our lesbian friends and they were on the money. She was fantastic! (P&M)

We fired three therapists because either they weren’t saying what we wanted to hear or were giving us recipes for improvement. Elizabeth pushed us to not make excuses for ourselves or blame each other. She made us see that there are no quick fixes and that recipes are only for cakes! She is candid and honest, funny and sincere—all at the same time. (N&S)

Elizabeth Rubin has helped us move our marriage to a different level. Her understanding of relationships is so different from the other therapists we have seen. She combines knowledge, experience and caring. She has helped change our lives. (C&C)