Elizabeth Rubin, LCSW_



Couples Therapy is $255 for 60 minutes and $275 for 90 minutes

I have found it most effective to work within a 90 minute time frame. The longer session allows enough time so that, as one client said, “once we open the door we have the time to go through it”. There are many times when couples get involved in a difficult discussion and the longer session means there is sufficient time to more appropriately resolve issues rather than having the discussion cut short.

The frequency of the meetings can be weekly or less often depending on the couple's individual needs and circumstances. All these variables can be discussed at the initial session.

Many insurance carriers now allow you to go out of their network and will reimburse you for some part of each visit. Insurance plans all differ, so you must call to inquire. You will receive a bill from my office with all the information necessary for you to provide to your insurance carrier directly.