Elizabeth Rubin, LCSW_


Client Comments

We found couples therapy extremely difficult in the beginning. We wanted to blame each other for what was wrong and truly believed that if the other one would change our relationship would improve. Elizabeth helped us to see that each of us had some responsibility for things not working. She was fair and patient. We are finally “getting it”. (R&C)

I did not understand that someone could actually hear both sides. It was amazing to experience someone who really heard me and understood, but who could also tell me I was totally wrong in the same breath. (M&A)

Being in couples therapy with Elizabeth Rubin was useful and powerful. She helped give us a new view into our marriage and to see and experience what was valuable in our relationship. She not only helped our relationship grow, but helped us individually. We feel so lucky to have known her and to have had this opportunity. (L&J)

Our sex life has never been better. It is not because we’re suddenly different people or because we followed some instruction manual, but because Elizabeth helped us both see how we were holding back from one another because we were afraid of getting emotionally close. (A&N)

After a few years we saw patterns emerge that frightened us because they were driving us apart.  We now see how we were getting trapped into ways of doing things based on our past.  Because of therapy we are much better parents to our young children. We are not repeating things we learned growing up. (S&T)